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Books on Subject: MATHS/STATS
Title / Author
10 Mathematical Essays on Approximation in Analysis and Topology  Author: FERRERA,J
3000 Solved Problems in Calculus  Author: MENDELSON,E
3000 Solved Problems in Linear Algebra  Author: LIPSCHUTZ,S
A Level Mechanics 2  Author: QUADLING,D
A Level Mechanics I  Author: QUADLING,D
A Level Pure Mathematics 2&3  Author: NEILL,H
A level Statistics 2  Author: DOBBS,S
A Level Statistics I  Author: DOBBS,S
A Level Statistics: Macmillan Work out Series  Author: BALL,A
Actuator Disk Theory  Author: HORLOCK,JH
Adavanced Differential Calculu  Author: SHARMA,AK
Advanced Dynamics and Control of Structures and machines  Author: IRSCHIK,H
Advanced Educational Technolo- gies for Mathematics and Science  Author: FERGUSON,DL
Advanced Engineering Math 2/e  Author: JAIN,RK
Advanced Engineering Mathemati 8/e  Author: KREYSZIG,E
Advanced Level Mathematics Pure Mathematics I  Author: NEILL,H
Advanced Mathematical Methods for Engineering and Science Students.  Author: STEPHENSON,G
Advanced Probability Theory Probability: Pure and Applied  Author: GALAMBOS,J
Advances in Dynamic Games and Applications  Author: FILAR,JA
Algebra  Author: SINGAL,MK
Algebra  Author: HUNGERFORD,TW
Algebra 3/e  Author: LANGE,S
Algebra 3/e  Author: LANG,S
Algebra Through Practice; A Collectionb of Problems in Alg ebra, with Solutions.  Author: BLYTH,TS
Algebraic Combinatorics  Author: ORLIK,P
Algebraic Engineering  Author: NEHANIV,CL
Algebraic Geometry  Author: SMITH,KE
Algebraic k-Theory 2/e  Author: SRINIVAS,V
Algebraic Topology  Author: HATCHER,A
Algorithms on Strings, Trees and Sequences  Author: GUSFIELD,D
Almost Complex Structures  Author: SEKIGAWA,K
An Introduction to General Rel ativity : London Mathematical Society Student Texts 5  Author: HUGHSTON,L.P
Analysis & Decision Making in Uncertain Systems  Author: BUBNICKI,Z
Analysis and Control of Linear Systems  Author: LARMINAT,PD
Analysis IV : Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences Vol-27  Author: MAZYA,VG
Analysis of Linear Circuits  Author: ROONEY,YM
Analysis of Variance Via Confi dence Intervals  Author: BIRD,KD
Analytic Solid Geometry  Author: CHATTERJEE,D
Analytical and Computational Methods in Engineering Rock Mechanics  Author: BROWN,ET
Analytical Dynamics Theory and Applications  Author: ARDEMA,MD
Analytical Methods in Anisotro Elasticity + CD ROM  Author: RAND,O
Applied Abstract Algebra 2/e  Author: LIDL,R
Applied and Computational Comp lex Analysis Vol-I  Author: HENRICI
Applied Calculus for Business and Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences  Author: BARNETT
Applied Multivariate Data Anal ysis Volume I: Regression and Experimental Design  Author: JOBSON,J.D
Applied Numerical Analysis 6/e  Author: GERALD,CF
Approximate Distributions of Order Statistics; With Applica tions to Nonparametric Statist  Author: REISS,RD
Approximate Dynamic Programmin  Author: POWELL,WB
Approximation Theory  Author: CHRISTENSEN,O
Arihant AIEEE Mathematics  Author: AGARWAL,PK
Asymprotic Expansions for General Statistical Models  Author: PFANZAGL,J
Atmospheric and Space Flight Dynamics  Author: TEWARI,A
Attraction and Potential  Author: RAHMAN,MM
Automatic Control Systems  Author: THALER,GJ
A-Z Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Mathematics  Author: JAIN,A
Basic Algbra vol. 1  Author: JACOBSON,N
Basic Algebra Groups Rings and fields  Author: COHN,PM
Basic Algebra vol. 2  Author: JACOBSON,N
Basic Biostatistics Statics for Public Health Practice  Author: GERSTMAN,BB
Basic Real Analysis  Author: SOHRAB,HH
Basic Relativity  Author: MOULD,RA
Basic statistics 2/e  Author: NAGAR,AL
Bayesian Forecasting and Dynam ic models; Springer Series in Statistics.  Author: WEST, M
Bayesian Parametric Inference  Author: BANSAL,AK
Bayesian Statistics and its Appliations  Author: UPADHYAY,SK
Beginning Functional Analysis  Author: SAXE,K
Beginning Number Theory 2/e  Author: ROBBINS,N
Best approximation Method in Computational Mechanics  Author: HROMADKA,T.V
Biological Thermodynamics  Author: HAYNIE,DT
Biomath Problem Solving for Biology Students  Author: KECK,RW
Biostatistics 7/e  Author: DANIEL,WW
Biostatistics for the Health Sciences  Author: BLAIR, RC
Biostatistics How it Works  Author: SELVIN,S
Boundary Element Method in Engineering  Author: BECKER
Cake-Cutting Algorithms  Author: ROBERTSON,J
Calculus 2/e  Author: BRADLEY,GL
Calculus 9/e  Author: THOMAS,GB
Calculus Concepts & Connection  Author: SMITH,RT
Calculus vol-II  Author: APOSTOL,TM
Cartesian Tensors; With Applic ations to Mechanics and Elasti city  Author: GOODBODY,AM
Chaos, Dynamics and Fractals a n Algorithmic Approach to Dete rministic Chaos  Author: MCCAULEY,J.L
Chaotic Transport in Dynamical Systems: IAM 2  Author: WIGGINS,S
Chromatin Structure and Dynamics  Author: ZLATANOVA,J
Classical Groups and K-The ory : Grund. Der Math.Wiss. A Seri. of Comp. Stud. in Mathe.  Author: HAHN,A.J
Classical Mechanics  Author: TARAPHDAR,C
Clifford Algebras and Spinors  Author: LOUNESTO,P
Closer and Closer Introducing Real analysis  Author: SCHUMACHER,CS
College Geometry  Author: EVES
Combinatorial Algebraic Topology  Author: KOZLOV,D
Combinatorial Optization  Author: SHIKARE,MM
Combinatorics of Permutations  Author: BONA,M
Commutative Harmonic Analysis 1: E.M.S - 15  Author: KHAVIN,VP
Commutative Harmonic Analysis IV-Eynclopaedia of Mathematica Sciences Vol-42  Author: KHAVIN,VP
Commutative Ring Theory and Applications  Author: FONTANA,M
Compartmental Modeling with Networks  Author: WALTER,GG
Complex Algebraic Curves  Author: KIRWAN,F
Complex Analysis  Author: GAMELIN,TW
Complex Analysis 3/e  Author: AHLFORS,LV
Complex Analysis 4/e  Author: LANG
Complex Dynamics  Author: IVANCEVIC,VG
Complex Variable  Author: SHARMA,SC
Complex Variables; Theory and Applications  Author: KASANA,HS
Complexity Theory  Author: WEGENER,I
Complexity, Logic & Recursion Theory : Lecture Notes - 187  Author: SORBI,A
Computational Elasticity  Author: AMEEN,M
Computational Error & Complexi in Science and Engineering  Author: LAKSHMIKANTHAM,V
Computational Molecular Biolog  Author: ISTRAIL,S
Computer Graphics & Geometric Modellling Mathematics  Author: AGOSTON,MK
Computer Graphics and Mathemat ics  Author: FALCIDIENO,B
Concrete Abstract Algebra  Author: LAURITZEN,N
Conservation Equations and Modeling of Chemical and Biochemical Processes  Author: ELNASHAIE,SEH
Contemporary Precalculus : A Graphics Approach with CD-ROM  Author: HUNGERFORD,TW
Contemprary Linear Algebra  Author: ANTON,H
Control of Nonlinear Distribut Parameter Systems  Author: CHEN,G
Control Systems Design  Author: ZAKIAN,V
Coordinate Geometry of Two and Three Dimensions  Author: BALASUBRAHMANYAM,P
Course in Combinatorics 2/e  Author: VAN LINT,JH
Course in Distribution Theory and Applications  Author: PATHAK
Course in Homological Algebr a; Graduate Texts in Maths-4  Author: HILTON,PJ
Course in Mathematics for IIT  Author: TMH
Course of Pure Mathematics  Author: HARDY,GH
Creep mechanics 2/e  Author: BETTEN,J
Cryptography Theory and Practi 3/e  Author: STINSON,DR
Current Trends in Engineering Practice  Author: RAMAKRISHNAN,CV
Current Trends in Industrial and Applied Mathematics  Author: MANCHANDA,P
Curvature and Homology  Author: GOLDBERG,SI
Delay Equations : AMS-110  Author: DIEKMANN,O
Design and Analysis of Sequential Clinical Trials  Author: WHITEHEAD,J
Dice, Data and Decisions  Author: KEMP,KW
Dicrete and Combinatorial Mathematics 4/e  Author: GRIMALDI,RP
Difference Equations 2/e  Author: KELLEY,WG
Differential and Integral Calculus vol II  Author: PISKUNOV,N
Differential Calculus  Author: KISHAN,H
Differential Calculus  Author: KISHAN,H
Differential Calculus  Author: NARAYAN,S
Differential Equations 2/e Schaum's  Author: BRONSON,R
Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems 3/e  Author: EDWARDS,CH
Differential Equations and Control Theory  Author: AIZICOVICI,S
Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems  Author: BAHUGUNA,D
Differential Equations with MAPLE  Author: DAVIS,JH
Differential Equations, Dynami cal Systems & Control Science  Author: ELWORTHY,KD
Differential geometry  Author: SOMASUNDARAM,D
Differential Geometry of Curve and Surfaces in E-3  Author: DE,UC
Differential Models  Author: SOLODOV,A
Digital Filters Design for Signal and Image Processing  Author: NAJIM,M
Digital Geometry  Author: KLETTE,R
Digital Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays  Author: MEYER-BAESE,U
Discrete Mathematical Structur  Author: KOLMAN,B
Discrete Mathematics  Author: IYENGAR,NCH
Discrete Mathematics  Author: BABU RAM
Discrete Mathematics  Author: BABU RAM
Discrete Mathematics 2/e  Author: HEIN,JL
Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications  Author: ROSEN,KH
Discrete Mathematics with Algorithms  Author: ALBERTSON,MO
Discrete Optimization the state of the art  Author: BOROS,E
Distributions in Statistics: Continuous Multivariate Distri butions  Author: JOHNSON,NL
Distributions in Statistics: Continuous Univariate Distri- butions-2  Author: JOHNSON,NL
Distributions in Statistics: Continuous Univariate Distrubu tions-1  Author: JOHNSON,NL
DNA Topology  Author: BATES,AD
Dynamic Fracture  Author: RAI-CHANDAR,K
Dynamic Systems and Control with Applications  Author: AHMED,NU
Dynamical Systems  Author: JIANG,Y
Dynamical Systems-VI EMS-6  Author: ARNOLD,VI
Dynamics for Engineers  Author: BANERJEE,S
Dynamics Reported Expositions in Dynamical Systems I New Ser ies : jones. kirchgraber Walt.  Author: JONES,CKRT
Efficient and Adaptive Estimat ion for Semiparametric Models  Author: BICKEL,PJ
Eight Papers Translated from the Russian; American Maths Society Vol-145 Ser-2  Author: SILOVER,B
Elasticity and Plasticity of Large Deformations  Author: BERTRAM,A
Elementary Course in Partiial Differential Equations 2/e  Author: AMARANATH,T
Elementary Differential Geomet  Author: PRESSLEY,A
Elementary Linear Algebra 9/ed  Author: ANTON,H
Elementary Number Theory  Author: JONES,GA
Elementary Numerical Analysis  Author: ATKINSON,K
Elementary Probabilility 2/e  Author: STIRZAKER,D
Elementary theory of L-functio ns and Eisenstein Series  Author: HIDA,H
Elementary Topics in Differential Geometry  Author: THORPE,JA
Elements Complex Analysis 2e  Author: CHOUDHARY,B
Elements of Discrete Mathematics 2/ed  Author: LIU
Elements of Finite Model Theor  Author: LIBKIN,L
Elements of Homotopy Theory GTM- 61  Author: WHITEHEAD,GW
Elements of Metric Spaces  Author: MURSALEEN
Elements of Partial Differenti Equations  Author: SNEDDON,I
Elements of Probability and St atistics  Author: BAISNAB,A.P
Elliptic Systems and Quasicon- formal Mappings  Author: RENELT,H
Encyclopedia of General Topology  Author: HART,KP
Encyclopedia of Integer Se quences  Author: SLOANE,N.J.A
Engineering Mathematics  Author: EVANS,CW
Engineering Mathematics  Author: GANGADHARAN,A
Engineering Mathematics 5/e  Author: SUNDARAM,V
Engineering Mathematics 5/e  Author: STROUD,KA
Engineering Mathematics 5/e  Author: STROUD,KA
Engineering Mathematics vol. 1  Author: VAIRAMANICKAM,K
Engineering Mechanics Statics and Dynamics  Author: SINGER,F.L
Engineering Thermodynamics  Author: GUPTA,R
Engineering Thermofluids: Ther modynamics, Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer  Author: MASSOUD,M
Enumerative Combinatorics Vol-I  Author: STANLEY,RP
Essays on Numbers and figures  Author: PRASOLOV,VV
Excursions into Mathematics  Author: BECK,A
Experimental Designs : Second Edition  Author: COCHRAN,W.G
Exploring Discrete Mathematics with Maple  Author: ROSEN,KH
Fatigue Life Analyses of Welded Structures  Author: LASSEN,T
Fault Trees  Author: LIMNIOS,N
Finite Element Analysis 2/e  Author: KRISHNAMOORTHY,CS
Finite Element Method  Author: HUGHES,TJR
Finite Element Method  Author: GOSZ,MR
Finite Element Method for Fluid Dynamics 6/e  Author: ZIENKIEWICZ,OC
Finite Element Method for Solid and Structural Mechenics 6/e  Author: ZIENKIEWICZ,OC
Finite Mathematics : Practical Applications  Author: JOHNSON
Finite Mathematics with Applic ations  Author: BUDNICK,FS
Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis  Author: KAJIWARA,J
Finite Size Scaling and Numeri cal Simulation of Statistical Systems  Author: PRIVMAN,V
First Book of Quantum Field Theory 2/ed  Author: LAHIRI,A
First Course in Mathematical Analysis  Author: SOMASUNDARAM,D
First Course in Probability 6/  Author: ROSS,S
First Course on Fuzzy Theory and Applications  Author: LEE,KH
Flow and Transport inFractured Porous Media  Author: DIETRICH,P
Fluid Mechanics  Author: KUNDU,P
Fluid Mechanics 4/e  Author: DOUGLAS,JF
Fluid Mechanics:  Author: SUBRAMANIAN,R
Forecasting with Univariate Box-Jenkins Models  Author: PANKRATZ,A
Foundations of Geomagnetism  Author: BACKUS,G
Fourier Analysis on Finite Groups with Applications in Signal Processing and System D  Author: STANKOVIC,RS
Fourier Analysis on Number Fields  Author: RAMAKRISHNAN,D
Fourier and Wavelet Analysis  Author: BACHMAN,G
Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems  Author: CHURCHILL,RV
Fourteen Papers Translated fro m the Russian: American Mathe- matical Society Vol-134 Ser-2  Author: SILVER,B
From Equilibrium to Chaos : Pr actical Bifurcation and Stabil ity Analysis  Author: SEYDEL,R
Fun and Fundamentals of Mathe  Author: NARLIKAR,JV
Functional Analysis  Author: YOSIDA,K
Functional Analysis 2/e  Author: LIMAYE,BV
Functional Analysis and Evolution Equations  Author: AMANN,H
Fundamental Mechanics of Fluids 3/e  Author: CURRIE,IG
Fundamentals of Differential Calculus  Author: RAHI,EV
Fundamentals of Engineering- 1  Author: GUPTA,SC
Fundamentals of General Topo- logy  Author: ARKHANGEL'SKLL,AV
Fundamentals of Logic Design 4  Author: ROTH,CH
Fundamentals of Mathematical S tatistics : S T Springer Texts in Statistics  Author: NGUYEN,H.T
Fundamentals of Statistics  Author: SRIVASTAVA,SC
Fundamentals of Statistics  Author: BASOTIA,V
Fundamentals of Statistics 2  Author: GUN,AM
Fundamentals of Statistics I  Author: GUN,AM
Fundamentals of the Three-Dime Theory of Stability of Deforma  Author: GUZ,AN
Fundamentals of Two-Fluid Dyna mics : Part II Lub. Tran. Dro. and Mis. Liq. 4 IAM  Author: JOSEPH,D.D
Fundmaentals of Applied Stats  Author: GUPTA,SC
Fuzzy Logic  Author: YEN,J
Fuzzy Logic and Optimization  Author: NANDA,S
Fuzzy topology 2/e  Author: PALANIAPPAN,N
Galois Theory 2/e  Author: ROTMAN,J
General Topology (schaum)  Author: LIPSCHUTZ,S
Genetic Algorithms  Author: GOLDBERG,DE
Geometric Programming for Computer-Aided Design  Author: PAOLUZZI,A
Geometry  Author: AUDIN,M
Geometry : Axiomatic Developme nts with Problem  Author: PERRY,E
Geometry and Topology of Submanifolds X  Author: CHEN,WH
Ginzburg-Landau Phase Transition Theory and Superconductivity  Author: HOFFMAN,KH
Graph Theory  Author: HARARY,F
Graphics and GUIs with MATLAB  Author: MARCHAND,P
Group theory  Author: DRESSELHAUS,MS
Group Theory and Its Applicati ons to Chemistry  Author: RAMAN,KV
Groupoids, Inverse Semigroups, and their Operator Algebras  Author: PATERSON,ALT
Groups,Rings and Modules with Applications  Author: ADHIKARI,MR
Guided Tour of Relational Databases and Beyond  Author: LEVENE,M
H- Optimal Control and Related Minimax Design Problems  Author: BASAR,T
Hamiltonain Methods in the Theory of Solitons  Author: FADDEEV,LD
Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics -1  Author: FRIEDLANDER,S
Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics-2  Author: FRIEDLANDER,S
Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics-3  Author: FRIEDLANDER,S
Handbook of Mathematical Logic  Author: BARWISE,J
Handbook of Numerical Analysis Special Volume Computational Models for the human Body-XII  Author: AYACHE,N
Handbook of Parametric and Nonparametric Statistical Procedures 4/e  Author: SHESKIN,DJ
Handbook of Statistics 22  Author: KHATTREE,R
Harmonic Analysis  Author: DEVITO,CL
Harmonic Analysis  Author: DEVITO,CL
Higher Engineering Math 39/e  Author: GREWAL,BS
Higher Engineering Mathematics  Author: BIRD,J
History of Inverse Probabili : Studies in the History of Ma thematics and Phy. Sci. 16  Author: DALE,A.I
Holomorphic Functions in the Plane and n-dimensional Space  Author: GURLEBECK,K
hyperbolic Differential Operators and Related Problems  Author: ANCONA,V
Ideal and Incompressible Fluid Dynamics  Author: O'NEILL,ME
Ideal and Incompressible Fluid Dynamics  Author: O'NEILL,ME
Ideal Theoretic Methods in Commutative Algebra  Author: ANDERSON,DD
Important Developments in Soli ton Theory : Springer Series i n Nonlinear Dynamics  Author: FOKAS,A.S
Inequalities for Finite Difference Equations  Author: PACHPATTE,BG
Infinite Group Rings; Pure and Applied Mathematics-6  Author: PASSMAN,DS
Insight into Wavelets  Author: SOMAN,KP
Integrable Systems in Quantum Field theory and Statistical Mechanics  Author: JIMBO,M
Intrd. Applied Probability  Author: BEAUMONT,G.P
Intro Statistics. 2/ed  Author: SMITH
Introduction to Analytic Numbe r Theory  Author: APOSTOL,TM
Introduction to Applied Mathematics : Texts in App. Mathematics -1  Author: SIROVICH,L
Introduction to Calculus and Analysis vol. 1  Author: COURANT,R
Introduction to Calculus and Analysis vol. 2  Author: COURANT,R
Introduction to Calculus and Analysis vol-II  Author: COURANT,R
Introduction to Erogodic Theory  Author: WALTERS,P
Introduction to Estimating Functions  Author: MUKHOPADHYAY,P
Introduction to Finite Element in Engineering 3/ed  Author: CHANDRUPATLA,TR
Introduction to Fluid Mechanic  Author: FAY,JA
Introduction to Functional Analysis with Applications  Author: SIDDIQI,AH
Introduction to Fuxy Systems  Author: CHEN,G
Introduction to Linear Algebra with Application to Basic Cryptography  Author: ADHIKARI,MR
Introduction to Logic  Author: SUPPES,P
Introduction to Mathematical Analysis  Author: GUPTA,A
Introduction to Mathematical Control Theory  Author: BARNETT,S
Introduction to Mathematical Fluid Dynamics  Author: MEYER,RE
Introduction to Mathematics of Neurons  Author: HOPPENSTEADT,FC
Introduction to Measure and Integration 2/ed  Author: RANA,IK
Introduction to Number Theory  Author: ERICKWON,M
Introduction to Numerical Analysis  Author: PRASAD,D
Introduction to Physical Mathematics  Author: HARPER,PG
Introduction to Probability Models  Author: WINSTON,WL
Introduction to Probability Models 6/e  Author: ROSS,SM
Introduction to Probability Models 8/e  Author: ROSS,SM
Introduction to Probability Theory & Statistical Interface  Author: LARSON
Introduction to Real Analysis  Author: BARTLE
Introduction to Real Variable Theory  Author: SAXENA,SC
Introduction to the Practice of Statistics  Author: MOORE,DS
Introduction to the theory of Random Probability  Author: GIKHMAN
Introduction to Topology 3/e  Author: MENDELSON,B
Introduction to Topology and Modern Analysis  Author: SIMMONS
Introduction to Vector Spaces in Physics  Author: GAMALATH,KAILW
Introductory Linear Algebra  Author: DUBEY,B
Introductory Mathematical Anal ysis 5/ed.  Author: EAVES,ED
Introductory Mathematical Statistics; Principles and Methods.  Author: KREYSZIG,E
Introductory Mathematics Throu gh Science Applications  Author: BERRY,J
Introductory Methods of Numeri Analysis 4/e  Author: SASTRY,SS
Introductory Methods of Numerical Analysis 3/e  Author: SASTRY,SS
Introductory Numerical Analysi  Author: ANDRECUT,M
Introductory Statistics for Engineering Experimentation  Author: NELSON,PR
Intyroduction to Ordinary Differential Equations  Author: CODDINGTON,EA
Inverse Problems for Partial Differential Equations  Author: ISAKOV,V
Irresistible Integrals  Author: BOROS,G
Lagrangian Manifolds and Maslov Operator  Author: MISHCHENKO,AS
Learn and Teach Vedic Math  Author: KAPOOR,SK
Learn and Teach Vedic Math  Author: KAPOOR,SK
Learning Vedic Mathematics  Author: KAPOOR,SK
Lebesgue Measure and Integrati on  Author: JAIN,PK
Linear Algebra  Author: NEF,W
Linear Algebra  Author: CURTIS,CW
Linear Algebra  Author: ROBERT,AM
Linear Algebra 2/e  Author: KWAK,JH
Linear Algebra introduction using MAPLE  Author: SZABO,F
Linear Algebra Throughly Explained  Author: VUJICIC,M
Linear Algebra with Applicatio  Author: WILLIAMS,G
Linear Analysis; An Introducto ry Course  Author: BOLLOBAS,B
Linear and Nonlinear Aspects of Vortices  Author: PACARD,F
Linear Control Systems  Author: MANKE,BS
Linear Functional analysis 2/e  Author: RYNNE,BP
Linear Programming  Author: ANITHA,HS
Linear Programming  Author: LOOMBA,NP
Linear Programming  Author: GASS,S.I
Linear Statistical Inference and its Applications 2/e  Author: RAO,CR
Linear System Theory and Desig  Author: CHEN,C
Local Cohomology and its Applications  Author: LYUBEZNIK,G
Lorentz Group, CPT and Neutrinos  Author: CHUBYKALO,AE
Mastering Mathematics  Author: BUCKWELL,G
Mathematical Analysis  Author: SITARAM,A
Mathematical Analysis 2/e  Author: APOSTOL
Mathematical Analysis and Appl  Author: DESHPANDE,JV
Mathematical Circles  Author: FOMIN,D
Mathematical Foundations of Elasticity  Author: MARSDEN,JE
Mathematical Foundations of Elasticity.  Author: MARSEN,JE
Mathematical Introduction to Logic  Author: ENDERTON,HB
Mathematical Method of Input- Output Analysis  Author: PRASAD,AR
Mathematical Methods  Author: BRADBURY,TC
Mathematical Methods  Author: RAO,S
Mathematical Methods for Engineers and Geoscientists  Author: WAELDER,O
Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering  Author: RILEY,KF
Mathematical Modeling in Epide miology  Author: FRAUENTHAL,JC
Mathematical Models of Crop Growth and Yield  Author: OVERMAN,AR
Mathematical Physics  Author: PRAKASH,S
Mathematical Physics 2000  Author: FOKAS,A
Mathematical Population Dynami cs  Author: ARINO,O
Mathematical Programming  Author: LAWRENCE,KD
Mathematical Programming Tech- niques.  Author: KAMBO,NS
Mathematical Statistics  Author: VAN DER WAERDEN,BL
Mathematical Statistics 5th/ed  Author: FREUND, JE
Mathematical Statistics with Applications 7/e  Author: MILLER,I
Mathematics for Electrical Engineering and Computing  Author: ATTENBOROUGH,M
Mathematics for Operation Rese arch  Author: MARLOW
Mathematics in nature  Author: ADAM,JA
Mathematics in the Social and Life Sciences; Theories, Model and Methods.  Author: BALL,MA
Mathematics of Ciphers  Author: COUTINHO,SC
Mathematics; A Discerete Int- roduction  Author: SCHEINERMAN,ER
Matrix Analysis : GTM-169  Author: BHATIA,R
Matrix Operations; Schaum's Outline Series  Author: BRONSON,R
Matrix Theory  Author: MEHTA,ML
Mechanical Vibrations with Applications  Author: WALSHAW,AC
Mechanics of Elastic-Plastic Fracture 2nd/ed.  Author: PARTON,VZ
Mechanics Prob and solutions  Author: SHARMA,DP
Medelling Fluctuation Populati ons  Author: NISBET,RM
Methods of Teaching Mathematic  Author: SUNEETHA,E
Metric Spaces  Author: BABU RAM
Metric Spaces  Author: BABU RAM
Metric Spaces 2/ed  Author: JAIN,PK
Mixed Motives and Algebraic K-Theory : Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1400  Author: JANNSEN,U
Models of Peano Arithmetic  Author: KAYE,R
Modern Aspects of Rare Earths and their Complexes  Author: SASTRI,VS
Modern Control Systems Analysi s and Design  Author: GRANTHAM,WJ
Modern Graph Theory  Author: BOLLOBAS,B
Modern mathematical Models Methods & Algorithms for Real World Systems  Author: SIDDIQI,AH
Moduli of Curves : GTM-187  Author: HARRIS,J
Molecular Thermodynamics  Author: MCQUARRIE,DA
Mthematical Models for bioengineering & Probabilistic Systems  Author: MISRA,JC
Multiphase Flow Dynamics -1  Author: KOLEV,NI
Multiphase Flow Dynamics -2  Author: KOLEV,NI
Multiphase Flow Dynamics -3  Author: KOLEV,NI
Multiple Criteria Optimization Theory, Computation and Applic ation  Author: STEUER,RE
Multivariate Bayesian Statisti  Author: ROWE,DB
Nanmeasurable Sets and Functions  Author: KHARAZISHVILI,AB
Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence for Biomedical Engineering  Author: HUDSON,DL
New college Maths BA-2 P-3  Author: JEEVENSONS
New Engineering Mathematics-1  Author: BABU,AC
New Engineering Mathematics-2  Author: BABU,AC
New Engineering Mathematics-3  Author: BABU,AC
Nine Papers from the Internati onal Congress of Mathematician 1986  Author: BASHMAKOVA,IG
Non-Equilibrium Thermodyanami  Author: JOLLY,D
Nonlinear analysis and Control of Physical Processes & Fields  Author: ZGUROVSKY,MZ
Nonlinear Dynamics in Solids  Author: THOMAS(ED),H
Nonlinear Equations: Methods, Models and Applications  Author: LUPO,D
Nonlinear Mechanics  Author: FERTIS,D.G
Nonlinear Oscillations of Hamiltonian PDEs  Author: BERTI,M
Nonnegative Matrices in Dynami c Systems  Author: BERMAN,A
Nonparametric Statistics : for the Behavioral Sciences  Author: SIEGEL,S
Nonperturbative Aspects of Strings, Branes & Supersymmetr  Author: DUFF,M
Nonsmooth Critical Point Thoery & Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems  Author: GASINSKI,L
Nonstandard Analysis and its Applications  Author: CUTLAND,N
Number Theory  Author: SHIRALI,S
Number Theory; An Introductio  Author: REDMOND,D
Numbers and Functions : Steps into Analysis  Author: BURN,RP
Numerical Analysis  Author: KINCAID,D
Numerical Analysis  Author: RASEY,PW
Numerical Analysis 2/e  Author: RAO,GS
Numerical Analysis for Scientists and Engineers  Author: PAL,M
Numerical Analysis in Engineer  Author: BHAT,RB
Numerical Analysis theory & Ap  Author: NAYAK,PK
Numerical Mathematical Analysi  Author: SCARBOROUGH,JB
Numerical Mechanics for Engine ering 3/ed.  Author: CHAPRA,SC
Numerical Methods  Author: JAIN,MK
Numerical Methods  Author: RAO,SB
Numerical Methods  Author: BOEHM,W
Numerical Methods  Author: BALAGURUSAMY,E
Numerical Methods for Engg.4/e  Author: CHAPRA,SC
Numerical Methods for Linear Control Systems with CD  Author: DATTA,BN
Numerical Methods for Science and Engineering with CD  Author: SARKAR,RK
Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering  Author: DUNN,SM
Numerical Methods in Engineeri ng & Science  Author: DAVIS,G
Numerical Methods Using Matlab 4/e  Author: MATHEWS,JH
Numerical Techniques for Chemical and Biological Engine Using Matlab  Author: ELNASHAIE,S
Offshore Structures Volume I Cnceptual Design and Hydromech anics: Gunther Clauss, Eike  Author: CLAUSS,G
Operations Research  Author: RAO,KC
Operations Research  Author: CARTER,MW
Operations Research  Author: MOHAN,SR
Operations Research Mehtods  Author: BOSE,SK
Optimization Theory and Practi  Author: JOSHI,MC
Ordinary Differential Equation  Author: ARNOLD,VI
Origin and Development of Mathematic  Author: SINGH,RB
Paraconsistency the Logical Way to the Inconsistent  Author: CARNIELLI,WA
Parallel and distributed Signa l and Image Integration Proble ms  Author: MADAN,R.N
Parametrizations in Control, E stimation and Filtering Proble ms  Author: GEVERS,M
Partial Differential Equations  Author: EVANS,LC
Partial Differential Equations 2/e  Author: STRAUSS,WA
Perspectives on the History of Mathematical Logic  Author: DRUCKER,T
Perturbation Theory for Matrix Equations  Author: KONSTANTINOV,M
Philosophy of Mathematis  Author: FRANCIS,J
Polynomials  Author: BARBEAU,EJ
PreCalculus : Graph & Models  Author: BITTINGER
Precalculus 7/ed  Author: LARSON
Predicate Logic  Author: EPSTEIN,RL
Prediction Theory for Finite P opulations: Springer Series in Statistics  Author: BOLFARINE,H
Primer of Analytic Number Theo  Author: STOPPLE,J
Primer of Mathematical Writing  Author: KRANTZ,SG
Principles and Procedure of Statistics; A Biometrical App roach  Author: STEEL,RGD
Principles of Active Network Synthesis and Design  Author: DARYANANI,G
Principles of Computational Fluid Dynamics  Author: WESSELING,P
Principles of Mechanics  Author: SYNGE
Principles of Optimization Theory  Author: BECTOR,CR
Principles of Real Analysis  Author: GUPTA,SL
Principles of Real Analysis  Author: MALIK,SC
Principles of Real Analysis 3e  Author: ALIPRANTIS
Principles of Statistics  Author: BULMER,MG
Principles of Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics  Author: LAWDEN,DF
Probability and Random Variabl es  Author: BEAUMONT,G.P
Probability Concepts In Engine ering Planning and Design  Author: ANG,AHS
Probability Measures on Groups  Author: DANI,SG
Probability Theory  Author: RUDAS,T
Probability, Random Variables and Random Signal Principles 4  Author: PEEBLES,PX
Problems in Group Theory  Author: DIXON,JD
Proceedings of the 17th Assemb ly of the European Seismologic al Commission  Author: BISZTRICSANY,E
Proof Theory  Author: ACZEL,P
Proper Group Actions and the Baum-Conners Conjecture  Author: MISLIN,G
Protein Bioinformatics  Author: EIDHAMMER,I
Pseudo-Differential Equations and Stochastics Over Non- Archimedean Fields  Author: KOCHUBEI,AN
Pseudodifferential Operators and Spectral Theory  Author: SHUBIN,MA
Q-Hypergeometric Functions and Applications  Author: EXTON,H
Qualitative Theory of Differen tial Equations : Translations of Mathematical Monographs  Author: ZHI-FEN,Z
Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems  Author: MICHEL,AN
Quantitative Methods  Author: GUPTA,CB
Quantized Partial Differential Equations  Author: PRASTARO,A
Quantum Electrodynamics  Author: LANDAU,LD
Quantum Mechanics 4/e  Author: GREINER,W
Quantum Topology : Kansas Stat e University, Manhattan,Kansas  Author: YETTER,D.N
Random Point Processes in Time and Space:Snyder Miller  Author: SNYDER,D.L
Randomized Algorithms  Author: MOTWANI,R
Real Analysis  Author: ROYDEN,H.L
Real Analysis 3/e  Author: ROYDEN,HL
Real Analysis 3/e  Author: ROYDEN,HL
Real Analysis with an Introdu to Wavelets and Applications  Author: HONG,D
Real Mathematical Analysis  Author: PUGH,CC
Real Projective Plane with an Appendix for Mathematica b y George Beck : Coxeter  Author: COXETER,H.S.M
Reflection Seismology : A Tool for Energy Resource Exploratio n Third Edition  Author: WATERS,K.H
Regular and Chaotic Dynamics : Applied Mathematical Sciences 38  Author: LICHTENBERG,A.J
Relative Category Theory and G eometric Morphisms A Logical A pproach  Author: CHAPMAN,J
Representation Theory and Harm onic Analysis on Semisimple lie Groups  Author: SALLY,PJ
Representation Theory and Noncommutative Harmonic Analys is 1: EMS Vol-22  Author: KIRILLOV,AA
Resonance of Ramanujan's Mathe matics Vol-1  Author: AGARWAL,RP
Resonance of Ramanujan's Mathe matics Vol-2  Author: AGARWAL,RP
Restricted Burnside Proble m Second Edition  Author: VAUGHAN-LEE,M
Rotating Fields in General Relativity  Author: ISLAM, JN
Sampling Theory and Methods 2e  Author: SAMPATH,S
Sampling, Wavelets and Tomo- graphy  Author: BENEDETTO,JJ
Schaum : Discrete Mathematics  Author: LIPSCHUTZ
Schaum' Outline Series: Advanced Calculus  Author: SPIEGEL,MR
Schaum's Mathematica  Author: DON,E
Schaum's Out lines Statistics  Author: SPIEGEL,MR
Schaum's Outline Series:Theory and Problems of Calculus 2/ed  Author: AYRES,F
Second Course on Real Function  Author: VANROOIJ
Seismic Waves and Rays in Elastic Media  Author: SLAWINSKI,MA
Semigroups  Author: SMITH,P
Set Theoretic Methods in Control  Author: BLANCHINI,F
Several Complex Variables 3 Geometic Function Theory E.M.S - 9  Author: KHENKIN(ED.),G.M
Several Complex Variables 4 Algebraic Aspects of Complex Variables. E.M.S - 9  Author: GINDIKIN,GM
Several Complex Variables VI Encylopaedia of Mathematical Sciences Vol-69  Author: BARTH,W
Short Courses in Mathematics  Author: KUMARESAN,S
Social Psychology 9/e  Author: BARON,RA
Solitons in Field Theory and Nonlinear Analysis  Author: YANG,Y
Some Random Series of Function s Second Edition  Author: KAHANE,J-P
Some Tapas of Computer Algebra  Author: COHEN,AM
Spacetimetime and Singularitie s An Introduction  Author: NABER,GL
Speaking Mathematically; Commu nication in Mathematics Class- rooms  Author: PIMM,D
Special Relativity  Author: SCHRODER,UE
Speed Maths & Beauty of Numbers  Author: BHATIA,AS
Stability of Parallel Gas Flow  Author: SHIVAMOGGI,BK
Statics and Dynamics with Background Mathematics  Author: ROBERTS,A
Statistical Analysis of Gene Expression Microarray Data  Author: SPEED,T
Statistical Applications for Health Information Management  Author: OSBORN,CE
Statistical Design and Analy- sis of Industrial Experiments  Author: GHOSH,S
Statistical Evalution of Muta- genicity Test Data  Author: KIRKLAND,DJ
Statistical inference 2/e  Author: CASELLA,G
Statistical Methods: The Geo- metric Approach  Author: SAVILLE,DJ
Statistical Models  Author: DAVISON,AC
Statistical Process Control 5/  Author: OAKLAND,JS
Statistical Thermodynamics  Author: JOLLY,D
Statistical Thermodynamics  Author: SCHRODINGER,E
Statistics 3/ed : Schaum's out lines  Author: SPIEGEL,M.R
Statistics A Spectator Sport : Second Edition  Author: JAEGER,R.M
Statistics and Probability for Engineering Applications  Author: DECOURSEY,WJ
Statistics for Management 7/e  Author: LEVIN,RI
Statistics in Criminology and Criminal Justice  Author: WALKER,JT
Statistics vol. I  Author: BHOWAL,MK
Statistics Vol.-II  Author: BHOWAL,MK
Statistics: A Gentle Introduct  Author: COOLIDGE,FL
Stochastic Control of Partiall y Observable Systems  Author: BENSOUSSAN,A
Stochastic Differential Equati ons: An Introductions with App lications  Author: OKSENDAL
Stochastic Differential Equations 6/e  Author: OKSENDAL,B
Stochastic Differential System Analysis and Filtering  Author: PUGACHEV,VS
Stochastic Processes : A Fests rift in Honour of Gopinath kal lianpur  Author: CAMBANIS,S
Stochastic Processes 2/e  Author: MEDHI,J
Stress, Stability and Chaos  Author: EL NASCHIE,MS
Structural Dynamics for the Practising Engineer  Author: IRVINE,HM
Study Guide to Epidemiology and Biostatistics 5/ed  Author: MORTON,RF
Super Theory; Loop Amplitudes, Anomalies & Phenomenology  Author: GREEN,MB
Supermanifolds  Author: DEWITT,B
Superstring Theory Vol-I Introduction  Author: GREEN,MB
Survey Sampling  Author: MUKHOPADHYAY,P
Symmetries in Science V  Author: GRUBER,B
Symposium on Anomalies, Geomet ry, Topology  Author: BARDEEN,WA
Systems Dynamics & Control  Author: UMEZ-ERONINI
T B of Engineering Mathematics  Author: BALI,NP
Teacher's Handbook of Maths  Author: SINGH,MP
Teaching and Learning Geometry  Author: FERENCH,D
Teaching and Learning Mathe- matics in Context  Author: BREITEIG,T
Teaching of Vedic Mathematics  Author: KAPOOR,SK
Technical Analysis and Applications with Matlab  Author: STANLEY,WD
Techniques of Problem Solving  Author: KRANTZ,SG
Tensor Calculus  Author: SINGH,S
Terotechnology Reliability Eng and Maintenance management  Author: BHADURY,B
Text Book of Business Statisti  Author: SHARMA,AK
Text Book of Degree Mathematic Book 1  Author: DAS,NR
Textbook of differential Calculus  Author: AHMAD,K
Textbook of fluid Dynamics  Author: CHORLTON,F
Textbook of Integral Calculus and Differential Equations  Author: AHMAD,K
Textbook of Topology  Author: CHATTERJEE,BC
The Transition to Chaos; in Conservative Classical Systems Quantum Manifestations.  Author: REICHL,LE
The Ways & Means of Statistics  Author: TASHMAN,LJ
Theory & Problems of Advanced Mathematics; For Engineers and Scientists  Author: SPIEGEL,MR
Theory and Methods of Survey Sampling  Author: MUKHOPADHAY
Theory of Branching Processes  Author: HARRIS,TE
Theory of Complex Functions  Author: REMMERT,R
Theory of Dimensioning; an Introduction to Parameteri- zing Geometric Models  Author: SRINIVASAN,V
Theory of Elastic Stability 2e  Author: TIMOSHENKO,SP
Theory of Evolution and Dynami cal Systems  Author: HOFBAUER,J
Theory of Growth and the Tradi tion of Ricardian Dynamics  Author: MUKHERJI,B
Theory of Information & Coding  Author: MCELIECE,R
Theory of Numbers  Author: RAMACHANDRA,K
Theory of Ordinary Differentia Equatiotions  Author: CODDINGTON,EA
Thermodynamics and an Introduc tion to Thermostatistics 2/ed  Author: CALLEN,HB
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics  Author: SEDDON,JM
Thirteen Papers Translated Fro m the russian : American mathe matical Society Translations  Author: BERMAN,S.D
Time Series Analysis 3/e  Author: BOX,GEP
Topics in Abstract Algebra  Author: SEN,MK
Topics in Functional Analysis and Applications  Author: KESAVAN,S
Topological Fluid Mechanics  Author: MOFFATT,HK
Topology a Geometric approach  Author: ENGELKING,R
Towards a Thermodynamic Theory for Ecological Systems  Author: JORGENSEN,SE
Towing Icebers, Falling Domino  Author: BANKS,RB
Transport Phenomena  Author: BIRD
Transport Phenomena Fundamenta  Author: PLAWSKY,JL
Trends in Theory of Rings and Modles  Author: RIZVI,ST
Trigonometry  Author: BALI.NP
Turbulence, Coherent Structure Dynamical Systems and Symmetry  Author: HOLMES,P
Twistor Theory : Lecture Notes -169  Author: HUGGETT,S
U.G. Mathematics  Author: PAL,M
Understanding Modern Mathemati  Author: STAHL,S
University Algebra 2/e  Author: GOPALAKRISHNAN,NS
Variational and Quasivariation al Inequalities Applications to Free-Boundary Problems  Author: BAIOCCHI,C
Vector Algebra and Calculus  Author: KISHAN,H
Vector Algebra and Calculus  Author: KISHAN,H
Vector Analysis  Author: PANDEY,RK
Vector Analysis : SCHAUM  Author: SPIEGEL,MR
Vector Analysis 2/e  Author: CHATTERJEE,D
Vector Calculus  Author: MATTHEWS,PC
Vector Calculus 5/e  Author: MARSDEN,JE
Vector Space Approach to Geometry,A  Author: HAUSNER,M
Vedic Geometry Course  Author: KAPOOR,SK
Vedic Mathematics Basics  Author: KAPOOR,SK
Vedic Mathematics Skills  Author: KAPOOR,SK
Viva Catchup Maths & Stats for the Life and Medical Science  Author: HARRIS,M
Volterra Integral and Differen tial Equations 2/ed  Author: BURTON,TA
Wavelet Analysis  Author: RESNIKOFF,HL
Wavelets  Author: BERGH,J
Wavelets for sensing technolog  Author: CHAN,AK
When Least is Best  Author: NAHIN,PJ
Women Mathematicians  Author: CHENGALVARYAN,P
World According to Wavelets  Author: HUBBARD,BB
Zen of magic Squares, Circles, and Stars  Author: PICKOVER,CA



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